Declaration of Truce

I prevented myself from being present in my present,
I let my past pry on my moments, every moment,
Today, I declare a truce. I resolve to move on, move afar,
I give way to the past, a way to move back, move afar.

Helpless without happiness, in the prison of regrets,
I sang sadness, I dreamt nightmares, wasted my assets.
Today, I declare a truce. Forward into the future, I do walk,
As a smile drops on my face, my silence does talk.

Ordeals of life, I lived ludicrously, served every sentence,
An unending fall into the abyss, I endured illusions immense.
Today, I declare a truce, for my time is a luxury expensive,
I resolve, burn, bury the past. I wash away the pensive.

Chasing great expectations, suffocating without death,
A stranger to myself, I lived life out of breath,
Today, I declare a truce, I meditate on myself, for myself,
I breathe deeply, rewrite myself, recreate, build myself.

Letting go of the wounded wishes, far from life, who am I?
Deserted by dears, desecrated by desires, I dream, why?
Today, I declare a truce, I disrobe, I shred the charade,
Steadfast, I walk solitary in silence, I apperceive, I contemplate.

Farewell dear past, you wasted me, my life, my time,
You were, you’re no more, no more do we rhyme.
Today, I declare a truce. I’m ready to relish uncertainties,
Into the possibilities of the present, I enter the eternities.